• Forging Process

    Forging Process

    Customizing of forged products here at our company often follows the following steps:
  • Custom Forgings

    Custom Forgings

    Forged products here at “JianXin” include torsion arms, axle spindles, annular hinges, knuckle throwers, wedges, railway forgings, control arms
  • Customer Examples

    Customer Examples

    In the beginning, the client expressed his unfamiliarity with forged trailer components, but also showed his confidence in the industry
  • Factory Tour

    Factory Tour

    The main forging products here at our company include forged torsion arms, axle spindles, annular hinges, knuckle throwers.


Forging Capabilities

  • Raw Materials

    JianXin is able to provide various types of steel forgings, including stainless steel forgings, carbon steel forgings, alloy steel forgings, and more. Open die forgings are often adopted here to produce cost effective and high quality forging components.

  • Mold Design and Manufacturing

    There are a total of 1600 sets of molds here at our company. The customers can choose any of them for processing to minimize cost. We perform inventory taking, clearing and recording every week to ensure that the production proceeds as scheduled.

  • Forging Equipment

    JianXin forging equipment is made up of many different machines that carry out metal forging, heat treatment and surface treatment, with the specific equipment, including a friction screw press, heat treatment furnace, shot blasting machine, forging press, pneumatic forging hammer, punching machine etc.

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