About Us

About Us

Ruian JianXin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with years of professional experience in the production of stainless steel forgings, carbon steel forgings, and alloy steel forgings. Some of the main forging products we manufacture here at JianXin include torsion arms, axle spindles, annular hinges, coupler forgings, forged wedges, railway forging components, forged control arms, and forged swing arms. These components are commonly used for trailers, trains, automobiles, motorcycles, heavy duty trucks, etc. We also have the capability to develop custom products for customers according to their specific requirements. We provide forged components with sizes varying from 0.05kg-50kg created using die forging and precision forging.


Our company was established in 1995 and our factory covers an area of 8000 square meters. We have fixed assets totaling over 50 million yuan. Our forging factory employs 185 staff members, including 160 line workers, 5 engineers, 6 quality inspectors, 5 sales persons, and 9 managers.

The product development department here at JianXin uses CAD, CAM, as well as UG 3d modeling and NC machining systems to design and create high quality forgings. We also have some mold processing equipment such as our sinker electrical discharge machine to provide customers with excellent, prompt services when it comes to custom research and development. We have 8 precision forging production lines in our production facility with capabilities varying from 300T-2500T of output. The factory is outfitted with more than 80 sets of manufacturing and machining equipment, including our friction screw press, thermal treatment furnace, shot blasting machine, forging press, pneumatic hammer, punch press as well as some testing equipment to test the mechanical performance and physicochemical properties of forged products, such as supersonic equipment, magnetic crack detectors, coordinate measuring machines.

We utilize NC machining to achieve the quick production of high-precision molds and provide customers with forging components varying from 10g-50kg used in various fields covering automobiles, railways, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, tools and hardware. We have an annual forging production output of 12000 tons and a machine tool production output of 8000 tons.

Today, 60% of the forging components produced by our company are sold internationally in countries such as the US, Germany, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Our advanced processing technology, efficient production and testing equipment, as well as our highly experienced technical team all combine to deliver high quality products and services for our valued customers. We have obtained

Now, 60% forging components here at our company have been available in overseas countries covering US, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia etc. Our advanced processing technology, complete production and testing machines, together with excellent and experienced technical team all contributes to qualified, high quality products and good services. We have also obtained TS16949, ISO9001:2008 certificates. More and more customers have been choosing JianXin for their customized forgings. Whether you are looking for automobile components, oil pipeline components, or subgrade drill parts, JianXin has the ability to make what you need. Some of our major customers include Lippert Components Inc. AL-KO America, and Castec GmbH, PERI.

Here are the forged products we've made
RV travel trailer forged components -- Axle torsion arm, forged axle spindle
Railway forging components -- Forged ring seat for railway articulated connection, coupler forgings
Automotive and motorcycle forging components -- Control arm, rocker arm, connecting rod, swing arm, axle spindle, flange yoke, crankshaft engine, leaf spring seat for automobile suspension
Heavy duty truck suspension components -- Leaf spring plate for semi-trailer suspension, half shaft

Company strength

1.OED/ODM capability -- We are able to provide customize products according to the customer drawings or samples and send samples to the customer within 20-30 days after price confirmation between the two parties

2.We have 8 high-precision forging production lines with the production capability varying from 300T-2500T

3.We have an annual forging component production output of 15000T

4.Convenient transportation: Our company is 40 kilometers away from an airport and 10 kilometers from a high-speed rail station.

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